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  • Trick people into thinking you're good looking

    Trick people into thinking you're good looking

    Are you a really ugly motherfu*ker? Great - watch this

  • Worst swingers ever?

    Worst swingers ever?

    If you're a bi-curious swinger whose double-whammy of all time would be Myra Hindley and a Texan accent, then hold on to your pants: these two are waiting for your call

  • No Pants Day 2010

    No Pants Day 2010

    If you said 'no pants' in British English it would mean rather a different thing than if you say it in American English. In the latter it means no trousers, in the former - well, it would mean lots of cheeky bits on show. Hence No Pants Day 2010 saw Americans grabbing the opportunity to go to work wearing only their actual pants - not their trouser pants. Whatever. Take a look.

  • I'm Yours, toddler ukele

    I'm Yours, toddler ukele

    This is impossibly cute - boy plays ukele to tune of 'I'm Yours,' boy doesn't really know the words, boy wins YouTube's heart, boy has BIG future in the biz

  • 'Stuck it in the wrong hole'

    'Stuck it in the wrong hole'

    This ballad about the perils of putting things in the 'wrong hole' is very funny indeed. However, if you're not sure what type of hole the title could be referring to, give it a miss

  • How to open a bottle of wine

    How to open a bottle of wine

    Opening wine with shoes eh? We were expecting the cork to go flying off, but still, it's a good trick - great for when the bottle opener goes walkabout...

  • The pumpkin dance

    The pumpkin dance

    The pumpkin dance is crying out to be learned and performed all year round; why confine it to Halloween? Swap the pumpkin for a Christmas tree in December, or a Cadburys Easter egg at Easter. There's mileage in this one

  • Drunk guy wants more beer

    Drunk guy wants more beer

    If you've ever done a midnight run to a 24 hour supermarket to stock up on booze only to get there and find you're already too wasted for words, you'll sympathise with this guy. He's had a skinful, but he knows he wants more

  • The studes have gotta feeling...

    The studes have gotta feeling...

    What? Students don't spend all their time with their noses stuck to their books? Not in Quebec. They make fun music videos with a really feel good factor which then take over the web for the next 6 months. And why the hell not?

  • Twits tweet twitterbore

    Twits tweet twitterbore

    A funny take on the mundanity of celebrity twitterage set to a soundtrack of dramatic violins and stage school delivery. Brooke Hogan's updates are particularly trivial

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