Teen bedroom decorating ideas

If your teenager's room needs a makeover, chances are high that you are looking for inspirations. We all know how difficult it is to search for something that teenies like since this is the age where they are trying to find their identities and define their own personal styles. We show you several teen bedroom ideas.


Before you decide to tear down your child's bedroom, here are a couple of pointers to guide you:

  • Remember your son or daughter's bedroom is their own personal space, a place where they sleep, study, relax, hang out or take refuge. Thus, it is highly recommended to talk to them and involve them in decorating.
  • Take a look at catalogues together or visit shops to see what your kiddos might like. You can also point out that this or that might go well with the room, wall or furniture without being pushy.

Teen bedroom decorating ideas

  • Colours

Boy and girl teenagers have their own personal preferences when it comes to colours. Although your kids might probably prefer loud colours, you can compromise. Propose alternative colour schemes that your kids might love such as blue and yellow or beige and chocolate brown. These schemes are easy to blend in with most decors. Purple and red are popular as well.

  • Furniture

Depending on the preference of your teenagers, there are several types of furniture you can put in their room from wooden to brass beds. You can even put a trundle bed for friends who are staying the night or put a sofa bed if there is enough space. Think of getting a chest of drawers and lots of organizers (shoe racks, bookshelves) to reduce clutter in the room. Even if your kids are not going to use them, they might just do it one of these days when they finally decide to clean up their rooms.

  • Accessories

Lights should be both functional and decorative. You can use switch dimmers for ceiling, wall and bedside lamp. When it comes to bed and bath linen, there are many pretty designs suitable for boy and girls from their favourite punk rock artists to the hot Hollywood actress. You can also put throws, rugs and dhurries for your teenager's bedroom. Personalise it further by putting a rope or string across the window or a part of the wall where your child can hang notes and cards she/he received from family and friends. Hang a corkboard where photos and notes could be stuck.

Involve them

Designing, decorating or redecorating your teenagers' bedrooms is not always going to be easy. But, these inspiring teen bedroom decorating ideas can help your task easier. Just make sure your children are involved from day one so there will be no problems later on. Who knows? It can even be fun for everyone.

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