Intuitive cooking with the new Thermomix TM5 in 2015

Now, say goodbye to slaving in front of the stove just to cook your or your family’s favourite meals. The new Thermomix TM5 is now available in Europe, a much-awaited upgrade from the TM31. Your Thermomix TM5 in 2015 will also give you access to exciting features. Let us take a look at this amazing kitchen appliance from Vorwerk.

What the hype is all about

The new Thermomix TM5 has hit the European market. It showcases the following cool features:

  • Simple design

There are no confusing knobs and controls to fumble with. It is equipped with a digital screen and a button where you can control the temperature, set the function, speed and let the machine do the rest.

  • Compact

The Thermomix has an attractive design that you will be proud to display on your countertops. It is compact, too and will not occupy a lot of space in your kitchen. The ‘future of cooking’ is composed of one touch screen and 3 buttons. There are three levels of pans and there is a new system of security to guard against leaks.

  • Intuitive

The core selling point of the Thermomix TM5 is its functionality. It is essentially a food processor and cooker that chops, slices, blends, measures and cooks. It is intuitive and you don’t have to be a specially trained chef to whip out great meals. Search for your favourite recipe, assemble the ingredients and let Thermomix do the rest. Presto, your meal is cooked the way it should be.

What's up with Thermomix TM5 in 2015?

Next year, proud owners of the TM5 will be able to access a digital platform for recipes. Your device's unique serial number will enable you to get your hands on a free Recipe Collection. In addition, you can browse other recipes and will have the option to purchase new ones. Hence, planning and organising your weekly meals and shopping list just got easier.

Release date

Thermomix TM5 is available through pre-orders since September 2014 and costs around £1000. No release date has been set for the US and Canada markets. The recipe platform for the Thermomix TM5 available in 2015 is expected to make cooking even easier. We predict you, as well as busy people and wannabe cooks will love this innovation.

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