This year Christmas trend is for home made gifts

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The trend for home made Christmas gifts has grown increasingly more popular in recent years.

People seem more and more keen on choosing to make their own presents for friends and family at home, with a particular focus on edible gifts. It may be the result of a general bid to save money, but it is also a telling fact of a will to give something a little more thought attached to it than a price tag.

Actually, the trend is reversing from that of few years back, when everyone just got in buying gifts online, in a few clicks, without much time to dedicate to the whole process. What is sure is that there’s a sort of 1970s’ home, sweet home mentality to it. This is how Christmas presents used to be before we all went a little crazy on consumerism and technology.

It has also been pointed out by cooking experts and bloggers that the edible gift trend may be connected to the British public’s new found love of baking.

Popular edible gifts this Christmas will possibly include home made cakes, chocolates, fudge and tablet, but chutneys, jams and alcoholic drinks such as blackberry ­vodka and spiced liqueurs. Jar and bottles can be decorated with few ribbons and nicely placed in baskets, while sweet treats will be great presented in reusable tin boxes.

Supermarket chains are jumiping on the homemade wagon by offering costumers new range of products specially designed in aiding for preparation and presentation of edible gifts.

Marks & Spencer for instance is selling a range of specially designed Christmas cake tins, while Waitrose has published guides to making a whole range of possible presents including chocolate truffles and miniature mince pies.

Food writer Ren Behan posted a comment on Jamie Oliver’s website saying “More and more of us are getting into the spirit of making edible Christmas gifts, to add something of a home made and personal touch to the season of goodwill.”

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