Tidy Up with Our Toy Storage Solutions

Any household with a child or especially those with more than one will realise the amount of paraphernalia that comes with them. As babies it’s strollers, sterilisers, changing bags and as they grow the amount of toys does too.

So what to do with piles of toys that unless properly stored end up lying around the house and worse still you will end up with a pain in your foot – literally as you stand on those darn pieces of Lego again!

A few simple storage solutions can do the trick!

Trofast - IKEA

Arguably the top dog of all toy storage solutions the IKEA Trofast range has it all – it’s cheap, easily assembled, is practical, fun, looks good and is durable. What more can you ask for in toy storage?

It comes in such a range it is hard to think of any space that wouldn’t fit at least one of the Trofast range. From single modular units of six foot plus to step style units with a range of coloured boxes or shelf options to hide away all manner of toys – large and small.

Trofast is a must for every family home. It will probably take care of most toy storage requirements with a little bit of careful planning and arranging.

Of course IKEA is also fantastic for all those little storage boxes and baskets that can also assist in tidying up those toys.

Book Stands

Kids seems to accumulate such a range of books. Keeping them all tidy and not ending up dog eared under the couch can be a challenge! Pretty sling bookcases in a range of designs such as Disney Princess and Cars are available in Argos for between £25-£30 and are sure to keep all the kids books out of the way when not in use but easy to access by little hands for story time.

Under the Bed!

Using under the bed for storage is always a winner! And where kids toys are concerned they often have so many that using this space as an overflow for extra soft toys or using pull out drawers with sectioned boxes can make play time easily accessible but keep bedrooms tidy when playtime is over.

Think outside the box!

Of course you could get a contractor in to design bespoke storage solutions for your kid’s toys but toys storage does not have to be expensive. Recycle old pasta sauce jars for crayons and markers, use a three tiered fruit basket to hang from a shower rail to store bath toys, and jazz up old crates to create fun and unique toy boxes. Get the kids involved too and maybe they will enjoy tidying their toys at the end of the day!!

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