Tips for summer: decorating your homes

Summer is nearly upon us and it's time to spruce up the home and surroundings for that light and carefree feeling. We will advice you how to do this with our best tips for summer decorating. Take a moment to check our fab tips so you can enjoy the season in style.

Decorating ideas

There are many ways you can transform a living space into your own personalised corner. With this in mind, take a close look at our easy tips for summer decorating.

  • Repaint rooms

Summer is actually a good time to paint a room since it is easy to leave windows open even in the night when the weather is warmer. Hence, you can give your sitting room a facelift by painting it in a new colour. Pastels can work and you can also add decals to give it a unique touch.

  • Houseplants

It's that time of the year again when everything comes to life or at least for a few months. Add pretty houseplants and loads of fresh flowers in your living room. You can even make a pot of your favourite blooms and use it as a centrepiece for your dining table. Choose plants that require little maintenace.

  • Spruce up your garden

With the warmer nights, you can expect to spend a lot of time outdoors. Therefore, make your garden a cosy place to stay. Take note of areas that need lights and consider putting up lanterns. In case it rains, you can always put up a tent or a pergola.

  • Rearrange furniture

It is also time to move your furniture around. Less clutter is the order of the day. Put away stuff you won't be needing and aim for a fresh and airy look in your living or dining room. Your furniture should not be facing the hearth or the fireplace now but should lean towards open doors and sunny windows. In this regard, you can also change curtains and put on sheer ones to let light in.


Brighten up dark rooms, walls and spaces with pastel colours. You can swap sombre wall paintings for colourful ones, change throw covers or even put up new lampshades. Use bright solid colours or print fabrics for bed and bath linen to lift moods. These are just some tips for summer decorating that will set everyone in a party, festive and merry mood.

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