Quick tips to plant and grow daffodils

The spring-flowering daffodils are a favourite for many people because of their carefree, colourful and long life blooms. These flowers bring cheer to any spring garden with a variety of rich flower hues, including yellow, pink, salmon and white. Here are some quick tips to plant and grow daffodils successfully.

Variety to plant

Daffodils come in many varieties ranging from miniature daffodils like ‘Tete-aTete’ to the more traditional larger varieties like ‘Golden King Alfred.’ Miniature daffodils are a wonderful choice for planting in window boxes, boarder edgings, rockeries and spring containers. 'Rip van Winkle,' a miniature double daffodil, is particularly recommended for planting in a grove. It looks wonderful and only grows 6 to 8 inches tall.

Larger daffodils create excellent colour swathes in containers and boarders. They are also a popular choice because they can be naturalized in grass. 'Petit Four,' in particular, is a good choice for a site that is especially shady. The flower is beautiful with white petals and a double cup of apricot pink. It can grow 16 inches tall.

How to plant

To get the best display, give daffodils a good start at planting time. Choose a semi-shaded or sunny spot where at least three hours of sun are received because daffodils don’t flower in heavy shade. If your soil is compacted, break it up with a garden fork to facilitate better growth.

Add plenty of organic matter such as compost or manure. Daffodils grow well in moist and free draining soil. Deep plant your daffodil bulbs at a depth of about 10cm (4in) with the pointed end facing upwards. Space them about two bulb-widths apart.

If you don’t get a good flowering, top-dress the soil around your daffodils with a slow-release bulb fertilizer to improve flowering the following spring. Just sprinkle the fertiliser around the soil at the base of leaves. This is one of those tips to plant and grow daffodils successfully you should probably not overlook.

Daffodils in containers

If you would like to bring colour to your patio in the spring, daffodils are a wonderful choice to grow in containers. All daffodils can actually be grown in containers. The same rules and tips to plant and grow daffodils in the ground apply when planting daffodils in containers. Plant daffodils 10cm (4in) deep in soil and space them about one bulb-width apart. For a richer, fuller display, place growing daffodils in pots closer together than usual.

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