The best tower fan reviews

Tower fans are practical to have around. They cool a room providing relief during warm days without costing a fortune in electricity. Many models incorporate practical features such as oscillation (distribution of air at an angle of 90 or 180 degrees), timer and ionizer. Let us take a look at tower fan reviews and hear what consumers have to say.

Brands to consider

If you are thinking of buying cooling devices for your abode this summer, consider tower fan reviews to help narrow your choices down:

  • Dyson AM02 Air Multiplier

Dyson tower fans are sleek, modern, and sturdy. They have no blades, but work using a brushless electric motor to capture air and feed it inside the round tube. If you are not worried about prices (£664.99 on Amazon), this is the gadget to consider when talking about revolutionary tower fans.

  • Lasko Wind Curve Fan

The Lasko Wind Curve Fan has a neat design with an adjustable 3-speed and remote control. It weighs 12.2 lbs. and has a timer function. This tower fan will help keep a room cool during the warm summer months. It is equipped with 'Fresh Air Ionizer' to help keep a space smelling fresh and to remove unwanted odours in the environment. Major drawbacks are: there is no oscillating feature and the parts are all in plastic. It sells for £58.18 on Amazon.

  • NScessity Tower Fan

A retro styled fan that takes up little space, this tower fan features 3 speed settings and comes with a timer function. It is praised for its near noiseless feature. It costs £34.95 at John Lewis.

  • Bionaire BT19-IUK Tower Fan

Considered good value for the money at £49.95, this tower fan comes with a 3-year warranty. It is stylish, sleek and silent. The fan has an 8-hour timer and soft touch panel as well as a sleep and breeze mode. It has an oscillation function to circulate air evenly in a room.

Another one to consider

Finally, tower fan reviews indicate that the NSA’UK NSTF-21 Ultimate Tower Fan is a good buy. Selling for £129, it comes with a one year guarantee. In spite of its steep price, users are happy with the product since it does a good job of keeping a room cool and is noiseless. It is the ideal machine for sleeping in warm weather. This tower fan has an 8-speed setting, oscillation function, and ionizer. For the price, most users are satisfied with its handsome looks, excellent performance and sturdy build.

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