Tree removal cost in the UK

If you are thinking of cutting a tree on your property, make sure you are complying with existing laws. Apply for a local permit and ensure the tree involved is not a protected species. You are also responsible for removing and disposing the debris. Hence, it is a good idea to seek the professional services of tree cutters or surgeons so they can give you an idea of a tree removal cost in the UK.

What is involved

Tree removal cost in the UK depends on several factors:

  • - Size of the tree

Smaller trees are easier to remove since the roots are not as extensive or deeply rooted in the ground. In addition, you tree fellers will not need a lot of equipment. For example, if the tree is short or young you won’t need big machineries and equipment. Also, larger trees need more manpower than a smaller tree often resulting to a day’s work.

  • - Location

Where the tree is located on the property can affect the prices of tree removal. Is it surrounded by other trees or are there light posts hanging around that would limit access to the tree? Also, if the tree is located behind your house with no access on the side or back, then this would make it more expensive to have the tree removed.

  • - Complexity of the job

As such, the price of tree removal will essentially depend on the complexity of the job. Are special machineries needed or extra manpower to bring the tree down?

- How a tree is cut

Tree removal involves a standard process. The trunk is sawn off using a power driven or manual chainsaw. The stump can be removed in several ways such as use of stump grinders, manually cutting it with an ax or application of special products to hasten natural death.

Felling rates

Tree removal cost in the UK may be £300 for an uncomplicated job. Removing a tree which requires specific and special care will cost more. Expect to pay up to £3,000 to cut a large tree and remove debris from your house or property. Hire a tree cutting company so you are sure the job is done properly while complying with local laws and regulations. The company will be in charge to seek permits, install the appropriate signage, remove and dispose the debris.

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