Trendy designer wallpaper ideas for your home

If you have ever stayed in or seen pictures of a designer hotel then you must wonder just how much money they spend on decorating each room. You might be surprised to hear that it may not be nearly as much as you imagine. Next time you have a bedroom or living space to decorate there are ways that you can shop to create a boutique hotel feel in your own home.

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The latest wallpaper trends

So what are the latest wallpaper trends for 2014? With the advent of digital printing wallpaper is getting a second lease of life with a whole host of new possibilities in terms of what prints you can put on your walls. Texture is something that is becoming more and more important too and you can order wallpaper that create stunning effects like slate or brick.

Classy options

When choosing a wallpaper for your home then there a number of trendy styles that will work for years to come. Stylish retro and floral designs are continuing to sell well as a throwback to the 50's and 60's. Metallics also offer an option to add a bolder sprinkling of strong colours such as gold and copper outlining designs and motifs.

Designer wallpaper

If you are looking for some direct inspiration for ideas on wallpaper for your rooms then places like the Hôtel de Crillon in Paris will definitely inspire and the Alice in Wonderland-esque G hotel in Ireland could get you starting to produce ideas. There are a number of international boutique hotels that will have you salivating at the thoughts of doing something similar in your home.

Where to find trendy wallpaper

There are plenty websites that operate in the UK which offer designer level wallpaper at affordable prices. Places like wallcover.com are worth a good browse to see if you can grab yourself some covering that will add that boutique feel to your home.

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