Underfloor Heating Systems and Costs

Underfloor heating systems can save you money on heating bills, if you decide to swap conventional heating for a house-wide underfloor heating system. Underfloor heating works by heating panels under the floor boards and creating a comfortable temperature throughout the home. Because your home isn't being heated from one or two radiators per room, the floor only has to be heated to a low temperature and maintained. Below, we detail the different kinds of underfloor heating systems, and the costs involved in installing such systems.

Water Underfloor Heating Systems

Hot water underfloor heating systems use and costs less than traditional boilers and radiators, even though the same system is employed. Like a boiler and radiator system, wet underfloor heating compromises of pipes below the floor's surface, which are used to push hot water from the boiler through the system thus heating the floor.

However, since underfloor heating requires a lesser temperature than boiler-assisted radiators, you could find yourself paying less for a more efficient system.

Electrical Underfloor Heating

Electrical underfloor heating uses a mat of coil wires, placed under the floor boards, to generate heat. If you only use electrical in your home, an electrical underfloor heating system can be ideal to keep your energy bills in one place.

Electrical systems are cheaper to install than wet underfloor heating systems and don't disrupt the design or structure of your floorboards in anyway - but they are, compared to wet systems, more expensive to run.

Average Installation Costs

Underfloor heating systems and the costs of installing them in your home will depend on various factor, including the size of your home, which rooms require installation, the company or builder you use to install the system and even the condition of your home.

For electrical underfloor heating, you should expect to pay between £250 to £450 for the heating system and a further £150 to £200 for labour costs. Water systems average at £595 to £795 per model and around £500 for labour costs.

How much can I save on utility bills?

According to Which? best buy, underfloor heating systems and installation costs may not be worth the time and money. Most people only save around £20 a month on their bill each year, when using a wet system. But if you're looking for a heating system and don't have room for radiators or want a modern home without radiators as an eyeshore, underfloor heating can be a great modern alternative.

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