Simple ways to update your kitchen

The hardest room in any home to update is the kitchen. Cabinets are fixed in place, counter tops sealed down, and big appliances are too expensive to replace unless they need to be. That does not mean you are stuck with an outdated look and ugly cabinets. A few simple changes can update your kitchen from a 1960’s wreck to something modern and fresh looking without breaking your budget.

Four simple kitchen changes

Counter control

Install a backsplash on the wall between the counter top and the bottom of the hanging cabinets. A backsplash is not only practical but adds colour and design to the kitchen.

Purchase a backsplash from the local home improvement store to match your counter top or paint one yourself; just make sure to use water resistant kitchen paint. Tiles are another choice and are easily installed.

To free up room on your counter top, hang a utensil bar on the backsplash on the wall under the cabinets. These are perfect for not only hanging utensils but also for spice racks, paper towel holders, coffee mugs, and countless other things.

Cabinet makeovers

A simple change in cabinet colour will transform the kitchen immediately. Paint your cabinets one or two bold glossy colours; you can even alternate colours to add a colourful twist to the look. Don’t forget to change the hardware on the cabinets to complete the look.

If painting is not an option, change the doors. Choose decorative doors or even glass ones in designs that will match and complement the rest of the kitchen.

To make a small kitchen look roomier, consider taking the doors off the cabinets for an open shelving look. If possible, remove a cabinet and hang shelves in its place.

Light it up

A new light fixture is an easy way to update your kitchen and brighten it up a bit. A mini-chandelier or other hanging light creates a stunning focal point in the room.

Transform the windows with new window treatments and get rid of any heavy blinds or curtains. Choose curtains that are light and airy, in white or pale colours. Stay away from heavy prints and fabrics - they block out light and make the room feel heavy.

Bring it back to life

A new coat of paint will bring the life back to the room. Pick colours that compliment the cabinets but are lighter in colour. A fresh coat of paint will open up the room and give it a clean, fresh feel.

Enjoy the new look

The kitchen may be the toughest room in the home to update but it can also be the cheapest. A few simple changes in colour, hardware, and window treatments can transform it instantly. The next time you want to update your kitchen and give it a fresh new look, try a few of these simple changes and be amazed at how great it looks for so little money and time.

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