Three best Valentine's Day 2014 home gift ideas for her

Men often have a hard time picking gifts for their partners on Valentine’s Day. Many men actually complain that the day is made for females. But, picking a gift for your Valentine need not be a difficult task this year. If you give your gift a little thought, you can actually get something she will really love. Here are three classic Valentine's Day 2014 home gift ideas for her you can’t possibly go wrong with.

1. Valentine's Day – Jewelry

Well, it may be a cliché gift idea, but jewelry works every time. One reason jewelry make such popular Valentine’s Day gifts for her is because they scream elegance, beauty, love and practicality.

A simple pair of diamond earrings is a traditional Valentine’s Day gift that remains popular due to its proven value over time. If you would like to break the tradition a little bit, get her birthstone earrings and she will love you for it. Birthstone earrings are represented by a different stone for each month.

A silver bracelet studded with jade is also a great Valentine's Day 2014 home gift ideas for her, but nothing says “I love you” quite like the brilliance of a gold ankle bracelet or necklaces.

2. Valentine's Day – Romantic candle light dinner at home

Just because you couldn’t make a reservation at one of the trendy restaurants downtown doesn’t mean your Valentine's Day can't be just as special. Tuck the kids in bed (if any) and set a romantic, candlelit dinner for two at home to express your love for her in style.

You can either cook or order in dinner, but make it just for the two of you. If you decide to make dinner at home, try out one of our recipes and you can't go far wrong with this. Alternatively, treat her to a simple but romantic Valentine’s Day breakfast in bed, such as the delicious Creme brulee French toast.

The thought that you prepared something special just for her on Valentine’s Day will make her day.

3. Valentine's Day - Decorative canvas for her living room

Another one of the special Valentine's Day 2014 home gift ideas for her is a decorative canvas for her living room. You can choose a picture of an artist she adores or a scene from her favourite movie, but nothing beats a canvas print of a favourite photograph of the two of you together.

Visit websites like allposters.com and art.com for a useful service that can help you get your decorative canvas gift done professionally for you.

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