Vasta shastra for bedroom

The ancient doctrine of Vasta shastra concerns the laws of nature and how they affect people’s dwellings. Applying Vasta shastra for the bedroom means placing objects in certain ways to gain peace and prosperity. We'll give you some hints and tips that will help you arrange your master bedroom according to this ancient Indian belief system.


The master bedroom should be located in the southwest part of the home as this direction represents the Earth. This is not suitable for a child’s room though or a guests room. To achieve a better sense of wellbeing, a lot of time and attention should be spent on the main bedroom. Your head should be toward either the south, east or west and never the north. No beam should cross over the bed which should be placed against the southern or western walls of the house. If it can’t go against either wall because of radiators or other obstructions, you’ll need to put it at least 4 feet from the walls.

Sleep peacefully

The bed should be constructed from wood so an iron one should be avoided. It should be a regular shape so anything out of the ordinary should be avoided. While you sleep anything that generates an electro-magnetic wave should be kept away from the bed as this interferes with sleep. There shouldn’t be any mirror in front of the bed and you should oil the door to make sure that it never creaks. The colour scheme is also important when you’re considering Vasta shastra for the bedroom. For this southwest facing bedroom we’re looking at, earthy colours like brown and almond should be used.

Rest of the home

This doctrine can also be applied to other rooms in the home including the living room and kitchen. In fact, starting to employ these techniques in another room before thinking about Vasta shastra for the bedroom makes a lot of sense because the bedroom is seen as one of the most important rooms in the home.

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