Use Vasta Shastra for living room decoration

Vastu Shastra is an ancient Indian doctrine which features the harmony of nature and homes of human beings. Lately, there has been a strong revival of this type architecture as it promotes harmony and good vibes in human dwellings. If you plan on redecorating, renovating or are going to build a new home, we suggest some Vasta Shastra ideas for the living room.

The revival of Indian architecture

Indian culture has a lot going for it with the civilization dating back centuries ago. The country is also known for its numerous temples. Whilst Vastu Shastra is mainly confined to the architecture of Indian temples, of late, there is a revival of this type of construction when building or redecorating homes. Below are some ways you can use Vasta Shastra for living room decoration the next time you are building or renovating:

  • Location of the living room

Your living room’s location is important according to Vastu Shastra principles. Pick out a location such as northeast, north-west, south-west, south-east, central east, west, north or south. It should be in the direction where the house is facing.

  • Furniture arrangement

The basic principle is to allow the north light and the morning east light to fill the house as much as possible. Thus, these areas should be free from obstruction and furniture should be placed on the west and south walls. There should be no clutter so that minds are in good order. Moreover, there should be no sharp edges in furniture and these should be hidden with indoor plants. If you have an aquarium and fountain, they should face north. Water is a soothing earth element and the sound of it running will be pleasing to the ear. In addition, if you have an aquarium, watching fishes swim by is a pleasant and relaxing activity. It can even improve family or personal relations.

Placing appliances and accessories

Televisions sets are recommended to be placed east or north to avoid the sun rays entering windows. If you have air conditioners, these appliances should be placed on the west because the sun sets on the west so it can cool the room where it is needed the most. In contrast, fireplaces should be facing southeast or northwest. To conclude, there are many ways you can tap Vasta Shastra ideas for living room décor including choosing the right colours such as white, yellow, green or blue.

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