Victoria Plumb bathrooms reviews

Victoria Plumb claims to the leading online bathroom retailer in the UK. They have an extensive collection of bathroom suites which are attractive from shower cabins and bathtubs to basins and furniture. You can even get your own hydrotherapy spa with their bathroom sanitary offerings. Let us take a look at Victoria Plumb bathrooms reviews to check if it is worth buying from the company.


If you read through Victoria Plumb bathrooms reviews, it is clear there are customers who are happy with their experience whilst others are disappointed.

  • Advantages

One of the main advantages of the brand is there is a lot of choices when it comes to choosing the best pieces for your bathroom. They have complete bathroom suites, toilets, basins, cloakroom bundles, ensuite bundles and family bathroom bundles.

Another factor that tips the scale in favour of Victoria Plumb is prices. At the moment, there is an ongoing sale with up to 60% off in discounts. For instance, you can get a Hydrotherapy suite for a discounted price of £299 (original price of £699). A Basin set is now only £199 while the Arc Roll Bath Top costs £299.

Clients found customer service to be helpful and communicative at all times. Ordering was easy and there were few issues regarding returns or filing complaints.

  • Disadvantages

Equally, there are also unfavourable Victoria Plumb reviews. Quality has been questioned because the goods were damaged upon arrival at their destination. The time limit of 72 hours to file a complaint was too short considering that not everyone can get a plumber on the spot to examine the pieces and condition of the parts.

Delivery seems to be a major problem. Often, customers take time off from work to receive their orders. Unfortunately, there were often last minute cancellations and customers were only told after having waited the whole day for their shipment. Moreover, the company has limited means of being contacted. You can reach them by email, Facebook or other social media sites. Others complained however, they can only be reached through a premium national number.

Response from Victoria Plumb

The compilation of Victoria Plumb bathrooms reviews is a mixture of satisfaction and disappointment. In response to complaints, the company tried its best to resolve issues. There were also offers of compensation or charging back shipping in an attempt to restore customer confidence. The bottom line is everyone’s experience with the company differs and it is entirely up to you whether you want to take the chance with them or bring your business elsewhere.

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