Vintage furniture for bedroom

Seeing the same thing day in and out in your bedroom can become quite boring. This is why you might reconsider altering the way your favourite room looks like. If you are thinking of redecorating your bedroom, we recommend going vintage. We also show you which vintage furniture for the bedroom you can use.

Furniture you can use

If you already have an antique bed in your room, then it will be easy to add pieces here and there to complete the look. However, if you have to recreate the period, then you have to select all the right vintage furniture for the bedroom.

  • Bed

From exquisite four-poster beds to a colonial revival canopy, there are many choices of vintage furniture for your bedroom. You can also choose delicately carved Victorian era inspired headboards or French designed ones.

  • Dresser

An antique dresser is essential to any vintage bedroom. Hence, you might look at a piece with swivel mirror and dresser with roomy drawers. Make sure that these pieces of furniture are still working. Drawers should slide easily. Antique or vintage does not necessarily mean broken or unusable. There are even some pieces with wheels so you can move them easily to any part of the room.

  • Chairs

Complete the retro look with a pair of vintage armchairs in French Louis XV style or Regency chairs.

  • Table

Do not forget to get a vintage coffee table that go well with your armchairs. It's that spot in the bedroom where you can quietly sit and read your fave book at night before nodding off to dreamland.


Vintage furniture for the bedroom are not the only pieces that can create the retro feel. It is also important to change and carefully select your drapes and curtains so that they will not clash with the theme of your sleeing room. Moreover, find antique lamps and wall pictures that will complement the bedroom look perfectly.

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