The best vintage furniture shops in the UK

With an increasing demand for period pieces, whether antiques or 20th-century design classics, markets and vintage furniture shops in the UK have proliferated in recent years. Although many small towns and villages offer their own treasure troves, these are some of the most celebrated places to uncover that hidden gem.

National treasures

The search for vintage furniture shops in the UK naturally begins in the capital, where there is an ever-expanding number of markets and warehouses showcasing period furnishings.

The Old Cinema is housed in a former Victorian picture-house in Chiswick, with an eclectic stock of antique, Art Deco and industrial furniture and tables. It's a favourite for collectors of mid-20th-century pieces.

A short distance west of the capital, in the Thameside village of Little Marlow, Home Barn occupies vintage premises, a 17th-century tithe barn. The company specialises in reclaimed, antique, industrial and retro funiture, and sources pieces from the UK and internationally.

On the south coast, Design Vintage in Brighton, specialise in stylish furniture from various eras. From simple reclaimed pieces through stylish French items to cool industrial furniture, there's something to suit most tastes.

The Phoenix Antique Barn in Penrith in Cumbria offers furniture and accessories from the 16th century to the 20th in a variety of vintage styles, including Arts & Crafts, mid-century, country oak and industrial pieces.

Lovers of shabby chic, reclaimed and repainted vintage furniture make their way to the Reloved Vintage store in Kettering which stocks a range of painted furniture and quirky decorative items. The company also sells its pieces online.

Is it genuine?

As with most large purchases, buyers are advised to be wary. The best vintage furniture shops in the UK offer authentic pieces, but in many markets and sales look out for reproduction furniture masquerading as the antique original. A little knowledge and research will help you recognise the genuine article.

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