Benefits of using vinyl wallpaper for decorating rooms

If you've decided to put the paint roller away and do battle with wallpaper to decorate your home, what sort of paper are you going to use? You could use woodchip, pulps, washable paper, or vinyl-coated paper but vinyl wallpaper for decorating rooms makes the most sense because it's durable.


Vinyl-coated wallpapers consist of a pattern printed on vinyl. The vinyl makes them washable and durable. This type of wallpaper's more resistant to stains than pulps but it's not as tough as vinyl.

Vinyl wallpapers

This type of paper's made up of a backing layer of paper or fibre and a plastic upper coating that's normally made from PVC. The vinyl skin is far thicker than it is on vinyl-coated paper but you get the same stain proof benefits. Using vinyl wallpaper for decorating rooms makes a lot of sense of the kid's rooms or the kitchen because this is the toughest wallpaper on the market.

Hanging vinyl wallpaper

This sort of paper is tougher, but it's also harder to hang. You'll need to apply paste to the wall before attempting to hang it. This paper's pretty much impervious to water so when you want to change it you might have trouble getting it off the wall. The tough and durable nature of the paper makes it ideal for kitchen and bathrooms.

Benefits of using vinyl wallpaper

Vinyl wallpaper is tactile, stylish and versatile but the day-to-day advantages are the major selling points. This paper won't fade as it's light resistant, it's extremely durable and it's washable.


Using vinyl wallpaper for decorating rooms might sound like something from the 1970s, but nowadays you don't need to go for the sort of funky, multi-coloured designs that covered walls during that decade. This is a type of wallpaper that's available anywhere from Wickes to Laura Ashley so there's plenty of choice out there.

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