Welcome to the New Interior Design Trend: Wall stickers

If you are trying to brainstorm ideas for the best way to decorate your home, you may be finding it difficult. Everything has been done before leaving rooms looking tired, boring, and a little dowdy. A bright colour may add some ‘zing’, but this fades, and you’re left with no centrepiece to the room. This is especially true in newer homes. The Wall Stickers opens to you the door to new, fresh ideas and gives you more options.

As such, many are turning towards mural de cal. It is easy to apply, and you can add a range of images from landscapes to iconic scenes from films, album covers, and photographs.

Wall Stickers for home to the Rescue

Wall Stickers are excellent for:

Providing a Focal Point

There can be no denying that a great strength of decorative vinyl is that it captures the attention. An iconic image always captures the eye. Wall stickers make a far more significant artistic impact than a photograph for the same scene. It is an instant talking point. This can be especially true in rooms such as living rooms and kitchens. You may want to look at wall stickers for your living room by Mural de Cal for ideas and to see what’s possible.

Bringing Life to Plain Walls

Sometimes, it is nice to have an untouched uniform colour that spans the room, but often this can feel a little lifeless.A wall sticker for your living room or any room you like, can bring it to life and be the finishing piece that brings the overall look of a room together.

Is an Expression of You

Applying house wall stickers tastefully not only achieves what already has been mentioned; it allows you to express yourself in creative ways. You may have admired an album cover for example, and by applying a wall sticker of it in your home conveys this. They have a unique finish which you simply can’t get from framed photographs. You’ll find that many share your views on whatever you apply.

Wall Stickers and Teenagers

Wall stickers make for the perfect way for your teenagers to express themselves. Whether they are young adults or at that tricky age of no longer a child but not quite an adult, you will find they are ‘cool’ enough to look good on their bedroom wall.

Suppliers such as Mural De Cal can even turn your own design into wall vinyls, providing more opportunities for your teenage children to bring their bedroom to life their way and apply their own stamp.

Children’s Bedrooms and Playrooms

Good suppliers also have a great range of wall stickers for children’s rooms. Animals, stars, clouds, lego people, your child’s name, your options will feel limitless. Wall stickers in this environment are often the finishing touch a room needs.

Using wall stickers for your home will give it notoriety, will bring life to rooms, and make an instant talking point. If you want something fresh, new, and different, wall stickers are the option to explore. And don´t forget than if you don´t find a wall sticker design you love, you can buy a personalized one and feel like a designer of the Royal College of Art.

All the other options have already been done.

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