Wallpaper or paint? The pros and cons

If you are decorating your home, one of the decisions that will have the most visual impact is the choice between wallpaper or paint. Wallpaper or paint? The pros and cons.

What is easiest to put up?

Painting a wall is much easier than wallpapering a wall. However painting on a damaged wall requires plastering or restoration work, which can be a challenge. If there is a small crack in the wall you can simply put wallpaper over the top, but when painting you will need to fix it first. However wallpapering requires skill and patience. In most cases, painting is much easier.

Which is more durable?

Wallpaper is generally more durable than a couple of coats of paint. Paint can chip easily, so regular touch ups may be required. However if you wallpaper a bathroom or kitchen you might find that it peels due to the moisture or dampness. It's often a better choice to use a good quality waterproof paint for these rooms.

Which is the better option if I have kids and/or pets?

It depends. Vinyl wallpaper is fairly to clean, so you can give rid of dirty patches or kids' scribbles. Marks on paint can simply be painted over, or cleaned if you opt for a waterproof variety. If you have kids and pets, steer clear of paper wallpaper.

Which is more expensive?

Overall, paint tends to be significantly cheaper. However you can buy cheap or expensive options of both paint and wallpaper.

In conclusion, the choice between paint and wallpaper inevitably comes down to your own circumstances and personal tastes.

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