Fantastic soups in a jiffy using the Waring soup maker

If you love eating soup, but find there is not enough time to make it, then the Waring soup maker is a great option. It creates soups in less than 20 minutes. Find out why this is a revolutionary type of blender and mixer that can churn out superb recipes for you.

What you can do

The Waring soup maker has a 1-7l capacity and an output of 550 watts. Its jug is made of glass and the base has control functions for sautéing, simmering and blending. It features a non-stick cooking plate and stainless steel blades.


  • Easy to use

There are no complicated controls and knobs to use. Simply chop up and add your ingredients straight into the jug and you’re all set to make soups, cocktails, desserts or sauces.

  • Convenient

Those who love soup will find this kitchen appliance convenient and very practical as it can make soups and other stuff in less than 30 minutes. Consumers praise it for its practicality, you can even throw in leftovers from the fridge and make something edible in a jiffy. In addition, you don’t have to wash up so many pots and pans just to prepare soups for meals or light snacks. You can also make cocktails straight from the machine such as mojito or caçhaca.


  • Size

Although the soup maker has a big capacity, this might not be ideal for families and those with children. It is perfect though for couples preparing meals and soups.

  • Cleaning issues

Because you cook directly in the jug, there might be ingredients which are difficult to clean up afterwards. Hence, it is also best to be careful when cooking in the soup maker if there are things which are likely to get stuck at the bottom. For example, reviews indicate that fish parts might be difficult to clean off.

Overall verdict

The Waring soup maker is a great device for those who love soups but hate spending so much time making them. For the price of £89.99 (on sale now at Argos), this is a kitchen appliance that should grace your countertops for it cuts down preparation and cooking time for soups and other dishes you might want.

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