Washing machine temperature guide

Washing clothes in the machine can sometimes be a risky business. You have to know the correct programmes to use as well as rely on a washing machine temperature guide. The pitfalls can include shrunk clothes or pilling making your clothes look old and looking dirtier than ever before you put them in to be washed.

Keep in mind

A washing machine temperature guide can alert you how certain types of fabrics need to be washed. In addition, manufacturers have specific instructions as to how and at what temperatures clothes should be cleaned. Often, the type of detergent that needs to be used is also suggested. Here is a chart that you can refer to when washing clothes.

  • 20°C

Delicate clothes are best washed at this temperature. The main advantage of lowering washing temperatures is electricity costs are reduced. However, although cleaning power is acceptable, you probably won’t be able to remove oil stains at this temperature.

  • 30°C

Cotton clothing that you don’t want shrunk are going to go well at this temperature. More dirt is expected to be extracted. Alas, oil residues will not be removed at this setting.

  • 40°C

This temperature is highly suitable for cotton, linen, polyester, acrylic, viscose, rayon or other fabric blends. Most everyday items can be washed at this temperature. It will remove stains and dirt on most items.

  • 50°C

Washing clothes and fabrics at this temperature will work well on polyester or cotton blend, cotton and viscose, cotton and nylon.

  • 60°C

Expect better results at this temperature setting when it comes to washing bed and bath linen.

  • 90°C

If you like your cottons and linens pristine white, then choose this setting. It is great for sanitising fabrics together with the cleaning power of modern detergents. It is also ideal for cleaning your machine to flush out the soap scum and residues that are stuck in the dispenser and the walls of the drum.

Check both temperature and programme

In addition to the washing machine temperature guide, it is also worthwhile to explore the range of programmes that you can use to get your clothes cleaned. Check out the best combinations of washing, rinsing and spinning for best results. Not only will you save on detergent, water and energy, but you will also increase the life span of your wardrobe.

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