When to replace your carpet at home

Carpets are like investments. You need to take care and maintain them to ensure you get your money’s worth. There are also benefits to having carpets at home such as protecting floors, better insulation and as decorations to living spaces. Unfortunately, carpets are going to degrade over time and need to be changed whether you like it or not. We tell you when you need to replace your carpet at home.

Look out for these

Watch out for the signs below that can help you know when to replace your carpet.

  • Multiple stains

Stains are inevitable on any carpet because accidents do occur. Whether you unintentionally spilled red wine or your kid threw a fit by tossing orange juice, your pristine carpets are alas, no more that. Although you are probably going to remove the blots using commercially prepared carpet cleaners or even have professionals do them for you, these multiple stains are more difficult to remove over time. Also, in other instances, the stains sink deep into the fabric where products cannot reach. In this regard, your carpets are the perfect breeding grounds for moulds and mildew. At this point, consider getting a new carpet to avoid health risks to you and the family.

  • Rips and holes

Rugs receive high traffic making them prone to wear and tear often resulting to ripped parts or areas. Patching these holes can be quite a challenge, but should you succeed, then the carpet is safe until it is torn again from foot traffic. If this is the case, then you know it is time to replace it to avoid people tripping and to prevent a tattered rug from ruining your home décor. What’s more, over time your carpets will mat with fibres breaking down and the carpet eventually loses its form.

Musty smell

Another sure fire indication your carpet needs replacement is foul odour. If the smell does not disappear in spite of cleaning or airing, then it is a sign that spills and stains have reached the carpet fibres or even your floor. You will know when to replace your carpet by examining the condition of the padding. If its surface is uneven and there are wrinkles on the carpet, then it is time to get a new one. Check the age of your carpet. If more than 10 years have lapsed, get a new rug for your home.

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