Where does Harry Styles live?

Unless you’re a paparazzi photographer, you probably don’t need to know the answer to the question: where does Harry Styles live? If you’re a celebrity stalker or just a massive One Direction fan curious to know where the one-time boyfriend of Taylor Swift lives, we’ve got a list of a few places he’s been connected with in the past.


Some internet rumours suggest that Harry Styles lives with Louis Tomlinson still. For a while back in 2012, the pair rented a luxurious bachelor pad in North London that’s worth a cool £3 million. The three bedroom property in Friern Barnet near Charing Cross, cost the boys £5000 a month back with Harry was still a teenager. At the time they probably bumped into Ashley Cole as he was a previous tenant of the apartment block. Harry had access to a private gym and a private minibus for drunken evenings out, but the apartment’s two living rooms and separate cinema room meant that the boys could entertain guests at home.

Where does Harry Styles live?

He’s been connected to a lot of different properties in a host of countries. As One Direction are popular across the world, you won’t be surprised to read that the tabloids have connected him with places as far apart as New York and Sydney. We understand that he still lives in north London but that he’s now in a large house rather than a three-bedroom apartment he shared with his bandmate. It’s most likely in Primrose Hill and Belsize Park, both of which are places the tabloids say he's viewed houses when he was looking back in 2012.

Need to know

If you really need the answer to where does Harry Styles live, you could do some digging around in the public records. The likelihood though is that someone as famous as the One Direction (1D) singer will be hiding his name from official records to make sure he has some privacy.

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