Where does Justin Bieber live?

Pop star Justin Bieber is a heartthrob where millions of adoring fans follow what he is doing. If you want to know where does Justin Bieber live, we take you to his former residence and tell you where he is currently living. The young star plans to buy a mansion in Georgia to be near his mentor.

Bieber's housing situation

At the moment, Bieber is house hunting in Atlanta. Funnily, it was the first place where he lived when he first arrived in the US to start his career.

  • Former residence

Before moving to Atlanta, Bieber was living in Calabasas, Hollywood Hills in a $10.8 million house. The splendid 5-bedroom mansion is modern composed of state of the art rooms, gym, private theatre, swimming pool and even a floating dining room. However, Bieber had problems with the neighbours due to his fast and crazy lifestyles including loud parties and speeding cars. This home was later sold to another celeb, Khloe Kardashian.

  • Where does Justin Bieber live now?

Whilst hunting for a home in Atlanta, Justin will be renting a 5,500 sq ft mansion that resembles a spaceship. For the next 3 months, he will be living here. The reason? Bieber wants to be closer to his mentor, Usher.

  • How the mansion looks like

This is a 4-bedroom house which resembles a spaceship. It is owned by Dallas Austin, an American record producer, songwriter and musician living in Atlanta, Georgia. Designed by Tuscany Luxury Builders, the mansion is filled with windows. Dallas loves the outer space and said, “Whenever there is a chance to go to outer space, I’m going!”. The mansion definitely resembles a spaceship, similar to the one used in Star Trek. Apparently, the owner, Austin, was inspired by his hero Buck Rogers. Rogers is a fictional character whose adventures became part of American pop culture including its introduction to space technology.

Future plans

Bieber plans to purchase a mansion in Atlanta in the coming months. It will be located at the exclusive Buckhead neighbourhood. He will be near where Usher is living with his two sons. In the meantime, if you want to know where does Justin Bieber live, take a look at this amazing mansion in Atlanta.

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