Where does Louis Tomlinson live?

Louis Tomlinson, the oldest member of the boy band, One Direction used to share a swanky pad with fellow band mate, Harry Styles. If you want to know where does Louis Tomlinson live now and check out his tastes in homes, read on. We tell you what type of house the heartthrob chose when changing residences.

The mansion

It has nothing been but success since One Direction placed third in “The X-Factor UK” contest in 2010. However, when the band first started out, money was not forthcoming. The members of the band did not have their own pads. As such, even Louis Tomlinson used to live with Styles in a posh apartment complex.

  • The start

In 2012, they were living in a luxury apartment complex in Friern Barnet, north London. Tomlinson and Styles used to be roommates and this penthouse costs £5,000 to rent each month.

The pad, rumoured to cost £3 million has three bedrooms with ensuite bathroom, 360 degree kitchen, cinema and living room. It is a gated community which includes a round the clock security. Located on 20 acres of parkland, the property used to be the Colney Hatch Lunatic Asylum.

  • Moving out

However, as the band began earning more money, the boys moved to their own places. Louis Tomlinson made a wise decision by buying a property instead of renting.

  • The mansion

At the moment, where does Louis Tomlinson live? Currently, the lad lives in his mansion in Hertfordshire. The £2.5 million mansion is a posh place consisting of 4 levels. It has 6 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms. A swimming pool and spa are also part of the property.


Louis Tomlinson is happy in his new abode, but he is acutely aware of security concerns. The singer who is currently dating model and student Eleanor Calder is beefing up security at his house by installing a panic button. So if you are asking where does Louis Tomlinson live, the answer is in a very secure yet swanky place north of London.

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