Where does Pewdiepie live ?

Pewdiepie, the internet sensation whose channel on YouTube has the most numbers of subscribers, is a success. He is regarded, first of all, as a YouTube celebrity with over 7.2 billion views on his video channel. If you would you like to know where does Pewdiepie live, read on to see where the Swede is residing at the moment.

Changing residences

Pewdiepie was born Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg and is originally from Gothenburg, Sweden. He is most famous for commenting on video games, in particular the 'Let's Play video games series.'

Where does Pewdiepie live?

Felix met his girlfriend, Marzia, who is also a YouTuber when she wrote to him saying that she found him funny. He responded and since October 2011, the two have been together. Both lived in Sweden for a while before moving to Italy.

The couple used to live with Marzia's parents in Italy. CutiePieMarzia, her YouTube name, made a video where she and boyfriend Felix used to live. In the video, she showed parts of the house which was located in a quiet neighbourhood. A beautiful garden filled with flowers and trees surround the house. There is also a nice sizeable swimming pool, a patio where they can grill and a sun room for chilling out with friends and family.

Since July 2013, PewDiePie is living with his girlfriend in 36-39 Western Street, Brighton, UK. He apparently wanted a better internet connection to make his videos and to have some space. In one of the videos he uploaded on YouTube, Felix showed a part of his house which served as his production studio. His equipment included dual screens, Razer laptop and keyboard, Blue microphone and a comfy brown leather couch.

The couple has also 2 pugs named Maya and Edgar living with them. Felix and Marzia are testing out how it feels to live in the UK.

Future plans

Now that you know where does PewDiePie live, you might run into him and his girlfriend whilst in Brighton. At the moment, it seems the pair are contented to stay in the UK. However, there are unconfirmed rumours that Felix and Marzia might again relocate. Whether it is within or outside of the UK or Europe is anybody's guess.

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