Where does Simon Cowell live?

As Simon Cowell is a multi-millionaire who's reported to earn something like $95 million per year from his work on American and British TV shows like America's Got Talent and The X-Factor and divides his year between Britain and America, there's no definitive answer to the question: Where does Simon Cowell live?

London Home

In 2013, Simon Cowell opened the doors of his London home to cameras for the first time. That session resulted in an online video that toured the whole of his London pad and showed off rooms full of fresh white roses and scented candles and a living room with at six sofas, littered with huge plum cushions. The luxurious property also features a dining room that can cater for 10 guests and has a Steinway grand piano for entertaining.

Beverley Hills home

The multi-million pound west London townhouse can't compare with the luxury of Cowell's 11,550 sq-ft Beverly Hills mansion. The property on Palm Drive is in the famed 90210 zip code of Beverly Hills so you know what to expect.

Cowell has been quoted as saying: "This is the place that I feel most at home in LA. I love it here. I feel at home, at peace." Cowell must find peace in the indoor pool, the basement gym and the property's spa. This is a property that the media mogul had designed and built to his specifications over a 5 year period so you shouldn't be surprised to read that he spends more than $1 million a year on a security system that keeps out anyone who needs to know a lot more than where does Simon Cowell live?

New York and London

Simon Cowell has two LA homes so there are rumours that he will sell one at some point and move to New York. Ultimately, the answer to the question: where does Simon Cowell live? is that he splits his time between Manhattan where his girlfriend Lauren Silverman comes from, and London where his company Syco is based.

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