White Flowers for your Garden

There are many different types of white flowers for the garden. Whether you are looking for just a small splash of white amongst other colourful flowers or a complete carpet-covering look for your fence, there is something for you. Here are just a few of the many varieties available to add to your garden.

Seasonal Choices

To begin the list of white flowers for you garden we will break them into seasons.

Spring Flower

Sweet Alyssums individually have a very delicate look. They release a sweet fragrance that adds the Spring air. These easy to grow 4 petaled flower comes in white, pale pink, or purple and prefer full sun or partial shade. Ideally, they are great for covering sections of the ground and along edges of the garden. They also look great flowing gently over from hanging baskets.

Summer flower

Ipomoea alba, also known as moon flowers are a summer vine flower that bloom during the night and close up just after dawn. So if you like taking evening strolls around the garden, then this is the perfect addition. They can reach the staggering height of 12-18 feet and need full sun and well-drained soil.

Late summer-Fall

Sweet Autumn Clematis is a fragrant flowering vine that needs partial shade to full sun. Because this vine can grow 20 feet in one season, it is important to keep an eye on it and prune it if it is invading other plants. They are a beautiful addition to any garden but just need a little attention throughout the season.

White Perfection Dahlia is another beautiful fall flower. For those that love a full and beautiful bloom, this must be added to your garden. Find rich soil that is well drained and receives full sun. They can reach 10 inches across when they are fully bloomed which is usually anywhere between June to August.

Your Choice

Once you decide the look you are aiming for and the locations available around your house, you can then have a better idea of what white flowers are best for your garden. Here are some more great gardening tips and plant ideas to get your garden looking beautiful all year round.

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