Top winter garden ideas

Just because it's wintertime doesn’t mean that you can’t have fun and keep your fingers green during the cold months! There are still plenty of things you can do over the winter to make your garden healthier and more beautiful come spring, and there are also a selection of plants that grow well in the cold. Here are a few winter garden ideas.

Gardens can still be colourful and full of flowers over the winter - the trick is to choose your plants carefully and have some patience.

If you plant in the autumn you will have snowdrops blooming around mid-February. They grow particularly well in rock gardens.

Winterberry can brighten up a garden beautifully in the winter. You should plant them in late spring or early autumn. They drop their leaves in autumn but leave behind shiny red berries.

Some varieties of Camellia can grow well in the heart of the winter and can add splashes of colour to any garden.

Plant Christmas rose in the spring and during the winter you can even see it grow above the snow (if there is any!).

Other winter garden ideas to keep your garden ticking over are:

  • Shake away any snow off branches - if it builds up it can snap fragile branches.
  • If you have a pond with fish in it and it freezes over, melt a hole with hot water to release gasses that can be fatal for fish. If you simply break the ice you can kill the fish.
  • If it is frosty keep off the grass if you can, frozen grass is easily damaged by footsteps.

There are many winter garden ideas that can brighten up your garden over the winter. Ask at your local garden centre for winter loving plants that will best adapt to your soil type. Don’t let winter put you off spending time in your garden - there are plenty of ways to get beauty and enjoyment right through to spring.

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