Where to buy wooden bike sheds

Wooden bike sheds are useful if you want to protect your bicycles from the elements or simply want to keep your home and property neat and clutter-free. Bikes take up space and it is not easy to store them properly unless you have bike racks. Now, proper wooden bike sheds will protect your bikes and even free the garage for other things.

Places that sell wooden bike sheds

There are many places in the UK where you can buy wooden bike sheds. Actually, you can also build one yourself, but if you do not have the time to make one from scratch, get pre-assembled kits from a shop nearest to you.

  • - Garden Buildings Direct (gardenbuildingsdirect.co.uk)

This shop offers many models of wooden bike sheds such as the BillyOh 30 Pent Overlap Bike Store Mini Shed selling for £99.99. It measures 3x6.

  • - Ebay (ebay.co.uk)

From metal to wooden bike sheds, Ebay has a good range of options for bike storage. Prices range from £129 to £179.

  • - Buy Sheds Direct (buyshedsdirect.co.uk)

There are ongoing store sales at the moment on Buy Sheds Direct. For example, the Overlap Bike Store sells for £144.99. There are also models with specific racks and shelves which can also double as a garden shed to store your tools and equipment.

  • - Sheds World (shedsworld.co.uk)

Choose from the many stylish designs of wooden bike sheds that can house one or a few bicycles as well as garden equipment. Prices range from a low of £109 to £424 depending on the size and the quality of wood use. Some are sturdily built justifying a higher price.

  • - Tesco (tesco.com)

If you feel like going out and see wooden bike sheds on sale, swing by at Tesco’s and check out their offerings. There is big wooden bike shed that can also double as a workshop and tool shed selling for £566.

  • - Greenfingers (greenfingers.com)

Green Fingers sell a simple wooden bike shed for £229.99. Made of fir, it has no windows for security and will give your bikes the protection they need.

Other uses

Wooden bike sheds are great options to increase storage space at your home or garage. They also look attractive and you can even use them for different purposes depending if you have spaces in your gardens. Protect your bikes as well as your garden tools from dust and rust. Wooden bike sheds are investments that will save you money down the line.

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