Where to buy wooden dog houses for large dogs

So you got yourself a new pet but the only problem is, it is a big dog and would need a roomy house. If you are wondering where to buy wooden dog houses for large dogs, we tell you places for the best deals in town. We also offer buying tips to make it easier to narrow down choices.

Purchase guide

According to experts, pet houses made of wood are best for dogs. Hence, wooden dog houses for large dogs are ideal because they provide the right insulation for any type of weather.

  • Material

Cedar is one of the types of wood that is highly suitable in making dog houses. Other types of wood include fir and oak.

  • Size

The general rule when buying a dog house is that your pet must be able to turn around comfortably and should be able to lie down. Hence, your dog house should not be too big or small. Remember, the larger the space, the more difficult it is to heat it during the cold months.

  • Roof and doorways

The type of roof your dog house not only depends on your budget but also your taste. Consider doorways or flaps and removable floors to make it easy to clean and maintain your dog house.

Below are places where you can find a selection of wooden houses for your beloved pets:

  • EBay

EBay carries several types of wooden houses for large dogs that you might find suitable. Take the 'Wooden Dog Kennel Large Sloped Roof Kennel Dog House.' It is a practical doghouse where you can remove the roof so you can clean and keep it tidy. Spoil your dog with a ‘Personalised engraved heavy duty luxury extra-large dog kennel.’ Your pet’s name will be engraved on the front oak panel doorway.

  • Amazon

The online store keeps a good supply of wooden houses which come with detachable roofs and floors. You might also want to consider an indoor dog house such as the 'Super Soft Nice Brown Indoor Dog House'.

Fancy or Simple?

Pet Planet (petplanet.co.uk) is another popular place where you can buy wooden dog houses for large dogs. Whether you are looking for a fancy or simple house for your pets, you will find an adequate choice in both online and physical stores. Make sure to measure the spaces correctly so your beloved pals will enjoy their new home.

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