World Cup inspired sexy pin up soccer 2014 calendar

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The World Cup 2014 will be held this summer from 12 June to 13 July in Brazil, but last Monday a controversial calendar was ready and delivered.

Realised by photographer Tim Tadder and CGI master Mike Campau, the World Cup inspired calendar is a little over the top when it comes to airbrushing, retouching and adding that extra plastic flavour. Not very appreciated, especially when the subjects of the photographs are improbably sexy mannequins – the world cup is not exactly going to be played by all female teams, is it?

Tim Tadder is a sports photographer that uses digital retouching and photmontage to create artistic images that you may or may not like, but objectively have a very fake, plastic quality to themselves. I suppose no one would have gone out of their way to criticize it if it were actual male footballers portrayed in the calendar, shiny photoshop look included. It would have looked a little tacky, but that's it, no one gets offended.

Instead, the calendar portrays sexy models awkwardly posing to recreate the most famous moves in football while being ultra-provocative in super-skimpy outfits, which rigorously bear the colours of some of the selected teams. The results would be slightly hilarious if it wasn't so damn sexist.

The world cup is one of those international sports events that should bring people together in celebration, so why spoil the whole thing with a calendar that recalls exactly those trucker shop calendar with half naked pin-ups? If they wanted women on the calendar because it sells more, why not use real athletes performing the real moves, or at least really trying to have the models look like real athletes, rather then (in the words of Glamour) 'disjointed dolls', 'very retouched' and 'that look everywhere except towards the ball'?

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