Yankee Candle Gifts and Accessories

Yankee Candle is one of the most renowned candle makers and suppliers in Europe; their range of fragrant candles are sold across stores to suit any occassion, be it home accesories, gifts or to cemorate special occassions. If you're looking for a special gift or just something to spice up your home, a Yankee Candle might be the perfect choice.

Fragrances and Styles

As one of the leading candle makers, Yankee Candle offers a comprehensive range of styles and fragances. Usually, candles range from tealight size (and consequently the cheapest of the Yankee Candle range) to 300 hour burning candles, as well as gift sets for special occassions.

Yankee Candle is perhaps most well-known for its excellent range of fragances. Its main fragrance families include floral scents, spice scents, festive and fresh scents, with over 20 fragrances in some scent groups. All scents are available in every Yankee Candle size, although some retailers don't sell the full range of candles available.

Quality and Craftsmanship

Yankee Candles are American made, using the same standards implemented by the company's inception. Fragrances are taken from natural ingredients all around the world and candles are made in America before being shipped and distributed to its leading centres across Europe, the UK and Ireland.

As for the quality of Yankee Candles, they're also well-known for their lasting fragrance, inticing scents and longetivity. Currently, the company is working on new fragrances and a new method of providing a stronger scented flameless candle for customer who want to create a warm, welcoming environment in their home but prefer to refrain from keeping lit flames.

Where to Buy

You can buy Yankee Candles from a number of retailers across Europe - gift stores, home department storesand even some supermarkets sell the product. However, if you want a particular Yankee Candle that you can't seem to find anywhere else, you can visit their store online at Yankeecandle.co.uk and browse the complete range available for delivery straight to your home.

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