Zara Home 2013 Christmas Collection: Best Rustic and Vintage Decorations

  • Zara Home Christmas Collection 2013

If you love Zara Home you will be impressed by the 2013 Christmas Collection, fresh out on the shelves.

The lovely festive assortment features a range of decorations, for the Christmas tree and dinner table, with designs inspired by the country, rustic looks, and vintage and retro' iconography.

The new Christmas tree decoration collection offers, for instance, sets of vintage paper balls with printed pictures of retro' looking Santas, reins and snowmen.

The pretty sets come as part of a fab series which also includes original, sweet decorative rein figures in wool and little rocking horses, in enamelled metal and complete with hanging hearts and bells – gorgeous!

The retro, handmade look is also what makes the sets of metallic hearts and stars decorations so special: appearing to have just been beaten into shape, the little decorative elements can be hang from the pretty red and white checked bows that run through them.

Also available is a graceful wooden Christmas box with pine tree, star and heart decorations embellished with traditional motives.

If it's the rustic look what you are after, then take a look at the best loved pine cones already decorated with golden sparkles, with tiny red bows, or plain simple and hang together with a little cord.

PHOTO GALLERY: Zara Home 2013 Christmas Collection

Or enjoy them in the most traditional of Christmas wreath composition, combined with holly and plant fibre in a solid, gorgeous design that never fails to awe. Complete the look with the wreath-shaped tealight holder, an ideal centre piece for the rustic Christmas dinner table.

Also in the natural decoration series of the 2013 Zara Home Christmas collection, are the jute Christmas ball, in gracious see through crystal, and the wooden Christmas decorations, in the shape of Christmas trees, hearts, stars or little bird houses.

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