Zara Home Valentine's Day 2014 special edition gifts

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Zara Home has launched a catalogue for Valentine's Day 2014 with limited edition products. The new products are designed for men and women and are grouped into lookbooks according to the tastes of the person, in order to make the right choice easier.

The special edition catalogue for Valentine's Day 2014 is divided into gifts for him and gifts for her. In the women section all the articles are grouped by colour into four sections: energetic colours for the fun ladies, pastel colours for the very sweet ones, white for the natural ones and neutral colours for those particularly calm and balanced.

In each category there are toiletries, easywear clothing and bathroom accessories, colourful dinnerware with jungle motifs, part of the new collection and one of the trendiest decoration for the upcoming spring 2014. In addition, there are also decorative items for the home, such as vases, photo frames, candles and small animal figures.

Among gifts for women in the special edition catalogue also feature a contemporary design hourglass, in pink and orange, colourful parrot bookends, bathroom sets in bright, neutral or pastel colors and a gorgeous cotton paisley print easywear kimono.

PHOTO GALLERY Zara Home Valentine's Day 2014 special edition gifts

For him, Zara Home Valentine's Day special edition catologue offers a variety of gifts including a decorative vintage globe, bi-coloured scarves for the spring, male cosmetics, classic cut pyjamas or background music of different styles such as several CDs of jazz music.

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