Zara's fabulous 2013 Fall and Winter home collections

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Spanish retail giant Zara doesn’t only have clothing for the entire family, it also has a fabulous assortment of household goods to help decorate every room in your home with style and flair.

In their 2013 Fall and Winter catalogue Zara features a huge assortment of bed linens, pillows and towels to choose in their five new bedroom collections: New Folk, Hotel, Graphic Studio, Ceramics, and the Renaissance.

Take the elegant and sophisticated Hotel collection that is inspired by old monograms that embroidered in gold or beige on total white, or if you prefer more color in your life try checking out the New Folk line, with its red, white and blue palette and features materials like dyed cotton, denim and velvet with floral or patchwork designs.

If you are in love with the Sicilian theme that Dolce & Gabbana has made famous in fashion, you can also decorate your home in the same style with the Ceramic line.

This particular collection offers prints inspired by Sicilian hand painted ceramics and Mediterranean designs on white backgrounds in materials like satin, cotton voile and silk.

PHOTO GALLERY: Zara's fabulous 2013 Fall and Winter home collections

The baroque theme has also been seen this season in fashion, so taking a hint from the catwalk, Zara has decided to bring the same to home decor, with the elaborate Renaissance collection.

Renaissance offers a white and cream color palette, with bordeaux, aubergine and gold highlights, in fabrics that range from cotton to satin.

Zara also has the latest must-have quilts and cushion covers in various prints and fabrics, but also an array of throw pillows in different sizes that will brighten up any home .

Other new items from Zara’s 2013 Autumn and Winter catalogue include lamps, picture frames, mirrors, decorative and jewellery boxes, glass chandeliers, candles and tealights and they also have curtains and rugs.

If your Zara store doesn’t have a home section, you can buy any of the above mentioned items on their website.

PHOTO GALLERY: Zara's fabulous 2013 Fall and Winter home collections

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