Zen ideas for the home

Zen emphasises meditation and intuition. This is why creating a Zen atmosphere at home entails that it be conducive to these core values. In interior design, Zen reflects a home that is balanced, harmonious and simple to make it easy for you to relax and unwind.

How to convert your home into Zen

The home is that one refuge in our lives where we turn to after a stressful day of work or school. Therefore, it should be a soothing place, one that will take away all the tensions and worries we are experiencing.

  • Colours
  • Choose earthy colours that are soothing to the eyes. These include browns, beige, greys, pinks and whites. Contrast colours that are of the same hue.

  • Plants
  • Put a plant or two inside your home not only for oxygen, but also for that calming and harmonious effect. Do not put flowers though that can trigger allergies or emit an unsettling scent.

  • Simple furniture
  • Avoid ornate furniture that will destroy the balance of the atmosphere you are trying to make. The key to a zen environment is simplicity and minimalism so forget about putting a Renaissance chair or a carved table.

  • Homemade scents
  • Scents evoke different senses. They can lull you to sleep or wake you up. Make you own fragrance and essential oils that you can spray at home such as linen, lavender or beeswax.

  • Decorations and accessories
  • Keep decor to the minimum and do not overload your walls with paintings. Just hang up a few of those you really want.

  • Natural light and fabrics
  • To make your living space even more relaxing and tranquil, use light fabrics and textiles for your curtains. Install blinds that can modulate natural light.

    Removing clutter

    Clutter at home is a big distraction that could be easily avoided. Make it a point to organise your stuff and keep away non-essentials neatly arranged in a closet or cupboard. Remove the presence of electronics in your bedroom at night so you can sleep in peace. These are just some Zen ideas that could turn your home into a perfect place for relaxation.

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