Zen interior design for the bedroom: furniture, colors and textiles

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Within the current trends in decorating bedrooms, Eastern Zen style stands out for being both a valid decorative style and a way of life that seeks harmony. The colours and textures most commonly used in this type of decoration are rustic fabrics, elements of bamboo and light and neutral tones.

Having a bedroom decorated in Zen style offers a calming effect and can help falling asleep faster. One of the key feature of this type of interior decoration is the use of natural elements, such as a stone or boulder, plants or natural bamboo.

Lighting in the Zen bedroom is one of the factors to which we must pay more attention when decorating: always make natural light prevail, adding focal points with artificial light sources, using electric bulbs in different colour temperature. Crisp, clear curtains are the best for letting daylight in. In addition, you can also place some white candles in places such as the window or table.

Another key point in the Zen bedroom decoration is furniture: this should only be limited to the strict necessary and remember, decorative elements are to be avoided as the space should be as tidy as possible. This will help the energy to flow freely. Wood furniture and cotton fabrics are essential when decorating with Zen style.

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Experts in Zen bedroom interior decorating advice to remove all electronic items from the bedroom, especially at the time of sleep: it is indicated that removing TV, computer or mobile phone from your sleep space can help improve circulation and result in better sleep quality.

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